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Our students are our motivation. Everything that they could ever possibly need will always be our focus. Building our community from the from ground up, our current projects are what we believe can get us going down a road of steady success.


Discovering that many children in Uganda must walk several miles in order to access drinking/cleaning water, we established a project that ensures that water is accessible to those within the community. Our "Well"ness Project has led to the development of a working well and it continuously ensures that something as simple as good drinking water is not a concern of our students.



A resident hall is vital to our overall goal here at Mighty Orphans. Our Dormitory Development project aims to provide housing and bedding to students, diminishing their worries of where they will get quality rest. Although this project is ongoing, we are proud to say we have completed construction of our girl's dormitory. We hope to continue our Dormitory Development project and create a home these children will never forget.



Education Elevation is a program set to provide quality education to our students. It's mission is to provide funding for supplies for students as well as teachers in order to have a successful school year. 

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