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About Mighty Orphans Outreach & Ministiry

Founded in 2020, Mighty Orphans Outreach & Ministries was established after our founder felt the spiritual calling to make an impact within communities where children are in need. Beginning the journey in Uganda, Mighty Orphans has already began to make significant developments in our students lives, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.



Mighty Orphans Outreach & Ministry strives to provide needy children in the USA and Uganda a life where basic needs are met, education is accessible, healthcare is available, and love is easily found.



We imagine a world where children are free to be children; a world where they have the room to grow and express themselves in the comforts of their own world.



COMMUNITY GIVING: We believe all children should both understand and feel the value in community in order to best be apart of one

EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: A better future is available when the tools for success are taught in a loving environment

HOME DEVELOPMENT: When dreaming of possibilities, adequate shelter is key. We hope to ensure that every child has a safe place to lay their heads.

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